Active Shooter

sources from Dr. Marc Kanter’s All NYC EM Conference lecture, enjoy:

** EM:RAP 12/2013 segment with Ilene Claudius interviewing Active Shooter expert Mike Clumpner **

1) Active Shooter Planning and Response in a Healthcare Setting

2) NYPD Active Shooter Recommendations and Analysis for Risk Mitigation

3) Hospital-Based Shootings in the US: 2000-2011 Kelen GD, Catlett CL, Kubit JG, Hsieh YH. Ann Emerg Med. 2012 Dec;60(6):790-798.e1. doi

4) Violence in the Health Care Setting – JAMA Commentary December 8, 2019 Vol 304

5) Dept of Homeland Security First Responder Guide for Improving Survivability in Improvised Explosive Device and/or Active Shooter incidents

6) Hartford Consensus Compendium – American College of Surgeons

7) Dept of Homeland Security Letter – Active Shooter and Complex Attack Resources

8) Tactical Emergency Combat Care Guidelines

9) FBI/Dept of Justice – A study of active shooter incidents in the US between 2000-2013

10) The San Bernardino, California, Terror Attack: Two Emergency Departments’ Respons Lee C., Walters E, et al. Western Journal of Emergency Medicine January 2016

11) Handbook Tactical Combat Casualty Care Lessons Learned No. 13-21



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