Under Pressure

It’s important to keep a high index of suspicion when worrying about Compartment Syndrome; keep the 6 P’s in mind. It’s also important to know how to assemble and use a compartment measurement kit if you’re searching for hard, objective data.

Stryker Setup

1.) contents of the pressure measurement kit
2.) remove contents from wrapping
3.) attach chamber to the pre-filled saline syringe
4.) place the aforementioned into the monitor/unit
5.) place needle onto chamber
6.) eject excess air, if present, from syringe
7.) zero the assembled unit at the angle you will be entering compartment
8.) insert, inject 2-3 drops of saline, and await measurement

When interpreting a compartment’s pressure, there’s the old way, and the new way:

Normal Compartment Pressure <10 mmHg
Up to 20 mmHG = No Problem
30-50 mmHG = PROBLEM

Delta Pressure = [Diastolic Pressure] – [Compartment Pressure]
Delta Pressure < 30 mmHg : BAD

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